If you were to ask your local builder to render a wall or building they would probably provide you with a price . . . but what for? When deciding what render to use, current materials, location, air pollutants and even longevity should be considered in order to offer maximum bang for your buck. Here are a few different render types and situations they are used for:-


Lime Render

This is used today mainly for older substrates and therefore this is used more for conservation where the render will expand and contract at the same rate as the sand and lime wall and so can help to prevent cracking. Also the porous nature of lime render helps the building to naturally breathe and dry out.  On a slightly less positive note lime is weaker than even sand and cement render and so cannot be used on taller buildings and can deteriorate prematurely if not adequately protected.



Cement Render

Undoubtedly today cement render consisting of ordinary Portland cement or o.p.c is the most widely used exterior render product in the UK.  It is relatively cheap easy to apply and dries to a hard finish, so why use anything else?

There are reasons however why o.p.c render is considered the entry level of modern renders. It has a lesser breathability than lime render and where it is so inflexible there is a very high chance of settlement cracks occurring, not least because of the porous nature which if left virgin over the short term will help with a damp issue, however over the medium to long term actually gives the wall more capacity to absorb moisture and therefore can exasperate a damp problem.


Through colour Render

We arrive at the modern render solutions beginning with acrylic or through colour renders such as stowe, webber, k rend or monocouche. These products are render premix systems that come complete with beading and mesh accessories in order to strengthen as required and resist against alkali. There are even insulated systems available. These products offer a longer life span and can be used on most building types. There are even stone effect features that can add architectural definition to any building really offering that wow factor.



Glass reinforced co-polymer Render

old-house-newWhen strength is required for say an installation that is in an exposed location, an older property maybe in need of repair or even buildings constructed of substandard materials, there really is no better solution than glass reinforced co-polymer or G.R.C this is a render pre-mix that is mixed with small shards or polymers a bit like the same sort of principle as fibreglass but in cement. This product is actually used in court houses and correctional facilities because of its unequalled strength. The G.R.C is used as a base coat for strength and a sister product (the same product minus the polymer x71) is used as the final skim coat in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish. When coupled with one of our long life exterior wall coating products this provides not only strength but also excellent dirt resistant capabilities and so can be useful on vulnerable areas such as next to a busy road or in a leafy location where ordinarily algae could be a problem.



So whatever your situation we have a suitable render and/or exterior coating product to suit. And with a free fixed price quotation so customers know exactly the whole cost you can`t be in safer hands. . . just drop us a line.

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