Our Process

As far as our work is concerned, simply put we usually split it into two parts: first any building work or repairs needed, and secondly the actual decorating itself. No two jobs are the same, and we have enough experience to know we never end up doing the same exact process twice. Detailed below is just an idea of how we would approach a typical project.

If you want to know more specifically what work would be required for your own property and how much it would cost, just drop us a line so we work through the details with you.


When we arrive on site to start the work we prefer to discuss the project with the customer. Please note that onsite power and water supplies are needed for most jobs.

Clean Down

If necessary a power wash (or in extreme cases, a sand blast) is carried out to clean the surface and remove debris. If the surface shows signs of damp or mould, ANDURA biocide can also be applied.


This can involve localised removal of “blown” tyrolean, render or pebbledash. Cracks are ground out and filled with epoxy resin, and we even replace failed damp proofing courses, so our exterior house coating products can guard effectively against both penetrating and rising damp.


The more care that is taken when preparing the property, the less time is spent clearing away. This involves only masking one elevation at a time, removing anything that we can such as garden furniture or plants and masking down pipes or aerials where necessary. Dust sheets are of course laid to protect paths, conservatories, vehicles and so on.

Bag Rub

This is a sand cement and SBR adhesive mixture that is brush-applied to the whole area that needs to be coated. The benefit to this is two-fold: firstly, it is an extra layer that helps to remove blemishes and scarring, and it also provides an excellent bonding surface for the primer to adhere to.

Primer/slush coat

This is a silicone based material which aids in waterproofing the finished product. Primer is applied by brush or spray depending on the surface material.

Intermediate Inspection

This is always necessary in order to ensure every stage of the process so far has carried out correctly.

Top Coat

This is always spray applied at pressures of around 100 lbs per square inch, forcing the coating onto the wall). The minimum coverage a customer can expect is 1 kilogram per square metre, which is equivalent to about 20 times the thickness of conventional paint while still being breathable.

Clean Up

BEFORE                                             AFTER!


Included in the price is the final clean up, so our customers’ homes are left looking smart and tidy. When the job is finished, no further work will be needed for at least the next 15 years, so you can enjoy having no more maintenance worries. The whole job is of course covered by our no quibble guarantee for your peace of mind.

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