Our Guarantee

Whilst it is important to get a guarantee with any work you have carried out on your property, what completely wipes out the value of some is the ubiquitous small print. For some companies this functions as a get-out-of-jail-free card, but we created our guarantee to demonstrate how committed we are to providing the best value wall coatings.

  • To guard against faults with either materials OR workmanship.
  • There are no limits to amount of claims that can be made.
  • The guarantee is transferrable if the property is sold.
  • An insurance-backed option is available for total piece of mind.

We believe simplicity is key when it comes to our commitment to you. But even more important than the guarantee is the high standard of the work we do. After all, if everything goes to plan you won’t even have to question us to get top quality results. Having said that, if you are unhappy with your Weathertex coating or any other aspect of our service, we will always work with you to rectify the problem immediately. All you need to do is get in touch, or by calling us on: 0800 086 9782.

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