Commercial Property Exterior Maintenance

Nothing portrays image more than first impressions of an organisations or residents physical building appearance. So a face lift can come in a few forms:-


Exterior Cleaning

This could be all that is needed for say a more recent construction or if the building is located in a high traffic area and even rural environment. Also some of the modern through colour renders can harbour pollutants or bacteria which can leave the building appearing like a grottier version of its former self.


We have various access solutions all tailored to the individual project and couple this with the most advanced cleaning and protection products available currently. This really increases the efficiency of any project and therefore longevity of results achieved which translates directly into cost effectiveness.


So if a clean is all that is required for the face lift we could offer:-

-Exterior building cleaning

-Window cleaning

-Gutter cleaning and protection

-Exterior building protection

-Graffiti removal


But for older or buildings with refurbishment issues we also offer:-



To Paint or Not To Paint?

By far the most popular exterior decoration process is traditional painting so why the need for exterior coatings or render?

Paint is solely a cosmetic “make do” that does nothing to either care for the fabric of the building or even provide any meaningful protection. So when cracks are filled with exterior decorators caulk and the repair is immediately visible and within months the crack has reopened and the repair adds to the aesthetic problem, this alone could leave you wondering where the money has gone whenever you view your recently decorated building.

The other consideration is of course access equipment or scaffolding. The potential cost multiplier depending on the project size.

So clearly when scaffold cost and substandard protection from masonry paints are considered a longer life wall coating or render solution is not only preferable but more cost effective over the medium to long term!

So when our WALL COATING or RENDER products are selected rest assured with our fixed price service, guarantee AND guarantee insurance our customers can forget about the liability of exterior maintenance. Just drop us a line for a free quotation.

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